Silvery Winter Wonderland

Most areas of the country are seeing snow this time of year.  To many that means frosted car windows, slushy/frozen roads, shoveling sidewalks,…  Here in Phoenix Arizona it’s 70 degrees outside.  We DREAM of snow and winter!

White Lantern Centerpiece

White Lantern Shimmering Centerpiece

This weekend we helped to decorate for a “Winter Wonderland” themed performing arts event.  Draping the ceiling at this venue was a bit of a challenge, due to the basketball standards, half-wall, and limited anchor points.  Overall, everyone thought it turned out beautiful.

Lighted Lamp and Shimmering Tree in White
White Lighted Streets Lamps and trees accented each side of the stage
Fantasy Flowers

Sparkling Fantasy Flowers adorn a Balloon Street Lamp in the Lobby

Ceiling Drape

Ceiling Drape and Balloon Decor


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