Princess Party Balloon Decorations

Princess party ideas

Princess balloon tiara resting on “pillow”

Funny how a last-minute addition can have lasting impact…

A couple years ago, I was asked to provide a couple of balloon columns and some centerpieces for the birthday party for an adorable 1 year-old girl.  The theme?  PRINCESSES!

For centerpieces I made balloon “pillows” upon which rested a balloon tiara.  These tiaras were then given as gifts to the other young guests at the party.

Princess - pink purple lavender party decorations columns flower arch

Lighted Balloon Corinthian Column with flower garland

The lighted balloon Corinthian Columns were placed on either side of a beautiful Disney Princess mural that was provided by the mother of the birthday girl.

As I was getting ready to leave the venue, I hesitated…there was just something missing…  My husband was with me and I asked his opinion.  We came up with the idea of adding a “flower garland” – spanning the distance between the two columns and framing the beautiful mural.  It was a sort of “pseudo arch”.  Last-minute…and it made all the difference.

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