Overcoming Fears – CLOWNS!

Taulbee, Marta, & Brenda

In November 2012 I attended the Western Region Clown Association Convention in Laughlin, Nevada with two of my close friends and fellow balloon artists (Marta Hoburg & Taulbee McJunkin.) The classes were fun and instructive and the people were welcoming!

Group Balloon Competition – Together we took 1st Place

While there, and at the encouragement of my friends, I decided to face another fear and gathered up enough courage to enter some of balloon competitions. As luck would have it, my friends and I took first place in the “Group Balloon Competion” (I got to make the roadrunner – most of which is double-stuffed) and, to my surprise, I also took first place in the “Single Balloon Competition” and the “Multiple Balloon Competition”.

Single Balloon Competition – 1st Place

Multi-Balloon Competition – 1st Place



Although I will probably never be a “clown”, I can now be in an entire room FULL of clowns and not get nervous! We had SO much fun! A warm thanks to all my new friends and to everyone there for being so kind and patient with me!









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