Jungle Safari Balloon Animal Centerpieces

Monkey Zebra Baby Shower decorations

These balloon centerpieces were made for a Jungle Animal Themed Baby Shower!

Monkeys, Zebras (my favorite), Lions, Elephants, Frogs,…and two balloon palm trees for the cake table.

Cute jungle animals….such an adorable idea for baby shower decorations!

baby shower elephant lion frog

(To prevent the balloons from popping, the foil balloons were slightly under-inflated, as they were to be used outdoors, where temperatures were slightly warmer.  Foil balloons fluctuate in size, depending on the temperature.)

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4 Responses to Jungle Safari Balloon Animal Centerpieces

  1. Jodie says:

    Where can I get these from? They are so adorable.

  2. Brenda Hatch says:

    Thanks! I thought they were adorable as well! I just did a search online for “mini shape foil balloon” and searched for safari animals. The 4 types I used were Anagram balloons. Part of their Jungle Party or Safari collection.

  3. DianaDelise says:

    How tall are the animal balloons

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