High School Dance – SUPERHERO idea for "how to ask"

This month I had a request from some teenage girls for some “superhero” balloons.  They wanted to “ask” someone to go to MORP (for those of you who don’t know what Morp is…it’s Prom backwards…girl-ask-guy).

twisted twisting party themes

Balloon Superheroes!

A couple gals used the phrase:  “You’d be my HERO if you’d go to Morp with me!”

Another:  “It would take more than a team of SUPERHEROES to stop me from asking you to Morp!”

So Fun!

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3 Responses to High School Dance – SUPERHERO idea for "how to ask"

  1. Crissie says:

    I love this!! I’ll have to pass this Superhero idea onto Cassie!!

  2. MOM & DAD says:

    Brenda, Welcome to the family blog!!! I love your creativity! I would like to know what the boys’ reactions were, when they got such cute balloon Superheros. By the way, the Valentine centerpiece is still upright and shrinking everyday. I was ready to cut it and put it in the garbage, but Dad didn’t want me to. Thanks for making it. We have really enjoyed it! I hope you know that I love you and I think you are a very talented lady. I am thankful you are mine. Mom

  3. Brenda Hatch says:

    I never heard about the boy’s reactions. But,…the girls were thrilled…and all received “yes” responses.

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