High School Dance – Cinderella also used a PUMPKIN

I went to my niece’s wedding this past weekend and got to visit with my brother’s family.  On my last night there I found out that my twin nephews had both been asked to the high school dance…more than a week before!  With all the wedding preparations, they hadn’t yet had a chance to respond.  In their date invitation, they were each given a pumpkin with the girl’s name hidden inside.  They’d had to clean out the pumpkin to find the name and were to carve their response, Yes or No, in the pumpkin.  Well, with the elapsed time, the pumpkins had begun to decompose.  I suggested that I make BALLOON PUMPKINS for them.  The boys thought of carving their response in candy corn pumpkins and placing them inside.  WAY cute!  Thanks, guys – for letting me join in the fun!

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