Circus Fun!

One of the great things about being a balloon artist is the variety of types of work we get to do.  This week we’ve done things from balloon twisting for a carnival, creating elegant autumn decor and fun Halloween decor, providing a balloon release for a wedding and … creating circus animals – some of them life-sized!

Circus Lion - Balloon Decor

Perched on his pedestal, this lion stood 5′ tall.

Playful Circus Monkeys

10 of these playful monkeys were scattered throughout the venue. (Each stood about 40″ tall.)

Juggling Circus Giraffe - Balloon Column

A giraffe that juggles? (This column stood over 11′ tall)

Balancing Giraffe Balloon Column

This giraffe, seeming to balance on a ball, stood over 11′ tall.

Balancing Circus Elephant - Balloon Decor

This adorable elephant holds a pink parasol while precariously balancing on a ball. (Overall height – aprox 6′ tall.)



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