Bumble Bees – BUZZZZZ!

I was recently asked to help with decorations for an event for 10 & 11 year-old girls.  The theme? – “Happy to BEE me!”  There were several wonderful volunteers who helped with some of the inflating and to get everything in place.  To them I say, “THANK YOU!”

Buzy Beehive Backdrop

“Busy Beehive Backdrop”

First on the list – a photo backdrop of a beehive.  This was a GREAT opportunity for me to experiment with a Rouse Matrix System, as it would give the the hexagonal look of honeycomb…a beehive hanging from a tree limb.  At the last minute we decided to raise it up a bit, so we quickly created a daisy flower garland (matching the centerpieces) to fill-in the gap on the bottom.

"Daisies and Bumblebees"

“Daisy Bouquet”

For the table centerpieces, we created balloon floral bouquets of white daisies and placed them in bright yellow buckets with bumble bee trim.

The ceiling was extremely high, so we suspended large white daisy-like flowers and some busy bumble bees to help liven the room and give a cozier feel.

"Bumble Bees and Daisies"

“Bumble Bees and Daisies”

All in all…it was BEE-utiful!


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