Balloons at the ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS Fan Fest!

I’ll confess – walking through the tunnel and onto right field at Chase Field (home of the Arizona Diamondbacks) DEFINITELY made me giddy!  I was helping my good friend, Kristy Edel, set-up Baseball Bat Balloon Columns for the Diamondback’s Annual Fan Fest…few others were even visible there in the ballpark.  Can I just say…”AWESOME!”  Funny how such a simple thing can bring a HUGE smile to your face and totally make your day!

Photo: At Chase Field forD'Backs FanFest. Finished my 4 hour tour. Created baseball bat columns yesterday with Brenda Roberts Hatch

The next day, we (Kristy Edel, Marta Hoburg, Taulbee McJunkin, and I) got to spend time making balloon animals for the fans.   Marta and I even were brave enough to do karaoke (we had never heard the “Diamondback Swing” before…amazing how much fun you can have making an idiot of yourself.)  Gotta love it!

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