Balloon Wrought Iron – Elegant Wedding Decorations

Elegant Balloon "Wrought Iron" Lighted Wedding Backdrop

Elegant Balloon “Wrought Iron” Lighted Wedding Backdrop

One of the perks of balloon design is the enjoyment that comes from people’s reaction when they see balloons as they’ve never seen them before.  We created these street lamps and wedding backdrop for my niece’s wedding this past weekend – created them to look like wrought iron.  It was fun to watch and listen as guests arrived.  It was usually a few minutes before their eyes would widen and their mouth would drop open, “Are those BALLOONS?!”  Some of the comments that evening:

Wedding Centerpieces and Balloon Decorations

Wedding Centerpieces and Balloon Decorations

“I thought that backdrop was mahogany!”

“I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“Sooooo elegant!”

“I am totally amazed!  I never knew balloons could look like something other than a carnival!”

“After seeing this, I’ve TOTALLY changed my idea of what I want my wedding decorations to look like!”

Hanging balloon lamps (they actually lit up, but weren't on in this photo)

Hanging balloon lamps (they actually lit up, but weren’t on in this photo)

Many thanks to my daughter, Amy, who helped with all the designing (we were responsible for all the decorating for the wedding reception, not just the balloons), and to all the family and friends who put in long hours to help decorate!  (My husband, daughter-Marie, the bride’s family and friends,…and special thanks to those who babysat my grandkids so my daughters could help!)

Lighted Centerpiece

Lighted Centerpiece






Balloon Bride & Groom

Balloon Bride & Groom

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