ALOHA MITZVAH – A Luau in Balloons!

A luau is always in style!  And to decorate your luau with pizazzdo it in balloons!

(Photos courtesy of Marci Shill Photography…the nice ones are that is.  The others are courtesy of a few cell phones.)

Tropical luau decorations ideas

Balloon Wave Arch with “Surfer Dude”

As guests entered they were “washed ashore” by a giant balloon rip curl!

(About 1000 balloons used for the “water” alone.)

luau tropical party decorations ideas

Balloon Wave Wall

luau ocean party decorations

Balloon “Surfer Dude”

A balloon “surfer dude” rode the balloon wave as well.

(Seems most every guy who sees this, claims the surfer was modeled after him.)

luau decorations ideas tropical

Balloon Tiki Hut

A very “touristy” balloon tiki hut served as a backdrop for a refreshing frozen tropical drink station for the teenagers (approx 12′ wide, 9′ tall, 3′ deep).

Sure hope those “tiki torches” don’t catch the roof on fire…

tropical luau flowers monkey decorations ideas

Decorated Balloon Palm Trees

luau tropical decorations ideas snake anaconda monkey flowers

Tropical Balloon Palm Tree with Snake





“The Balloon People” came and set-up balloon palm trees throughout the room that we decorated with a variety of flowers, plants, and animals.  (Thanks, Francine!)

luau decorations ideas

Tropical Fantasy Flowers – Hibiscus

luau tropical decorations ideas

Yellow Hibiscus – Balloon Fantasy Flower

tropical balloon arch flowers decorations

Brenda & Joe Hatch

We built a framed, non-helium, 32′ Tropical Flower Arch that spanned the dance floor – a colorful, elegant backdrop for the Polynesian dancers that performed that night.  This is my wonderful husband JOE – I consider him to be the backbone of Balloon Happy AZ.  He engineers and builds all the framing I need for my balloon project designs…and helps with most everything else.  What a guy!

Marta Hoburg Kristy Edel Balloon Arch

Marta & Kristy

Marta Hoburg (Bee Happy Balloons) and Kristy Edel (Twisty Kristy) – Two FABULOUSLY talented balloon artists!  We all work together as a team on large projects like this.

Thank you, ladies!

And the rest of the team who made all this possible…

Amy & Jed Seiter

Amy & Jed Seiter

Matthew Millett

Matthew Millett

Shaun Skaff

Shaun Skaff


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